About Bitcoin Profit

Why Bitcoin Profit?

If you’re looking to trade cryptocurrencies online, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others, then the Bitcoin Profit trading community is the place for you. Our tried, trusted and proven profit generating software makes it simple for traders of all skills levels to capitalize on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Profit software is highly intuitive and user-friendly, plus it can be set for full automation, which means you can literally sit back and let the software trade and pull in profits for you on autopilot.

Bitcoin Profit was founded by two life-long friends, Alex and Yuri. Their idea to build Bitcoin Profit came when they were at college. Alex and Yuri were tired of poor paying part time jobs and decided it was time to start putting their newfound knowledge and skills from college to good use. At the time, Alex was an economics and math graduate, completing his MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance. Yuri was in the process of completing his MSc in Computer Science.

They both had an interest in blockchain technology, which is the foundation of cryptocurrencies. After seeing the crypto industry begin to flourish and reading about many people making a fortune, they first tried traditional buying and selling of Bitcoin and it was a slow, tedious and somewhat, manual process. They knew they weren’t alone, so Alex and Yuri set about building a solution that would make it possible for anyone to trade and make profits but without the complexity!


The Journey

The goal for Alex and Yuri was to build software that would take all the hard work out of trading, reduce the risks and maximize returns. Having an automated system would also prevent “emotional trading”, which is one of the biggest challenges of trading. That is, allowing one’s emotions to control one’s trading decisions as opposed to sticking to the data and making fact-based decisions. Alex and Yuri spent day and night for 6 months building Bitcoin Profit till they were ready with their Beta version. They then took millions of historical transactions and ran it through Bitcoin Profit and the results were even better than they anticipated. Finally, they rounded up hundreds of volunteers from all different walks of life, with different skills and knowledge, for their pilot program and got them to trade live markets with real money. The pilot program was a massive success! The Beta testers made incredible profits and provided invaluable feedback that Alex and Yuri used to optimize the software and to make extra refinements.

Bitcoin Profit was ready to go live!

Bitcoin Trading Signals

At the core of Bitcoin Profit is a powerful trading signals engine. The signals engine constantly scans the markets and identifies lucrative trading opportunities. The trading signals generated specify exactly which asset to trade, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many other cryptocurrencies. The signals also include exactly when to open / buy as well as when to close / sell, to maximize profits. The Bitcoin Profit signals are highly accurate, tried, trusted and proven.

Bitcoin Profit Auto-Trading

The markets never rest and it’s not possible or feasible for a trader to be in front of a trading screen 24/7 to open and close positions at the optimal times. This is where Bitcoin Profit auto-trading steps in. With some basic configuration, users can set their preferences and trading parameters, and let the software take over. Bitcoin Profit will buy and sell and pull in profits, even as you sleep. Plus, traders can set limits to manage their risk and lock in profits for complete peace of mind.

Sophisticated Simplicity

Bitcoin Profit is exactly that; a highly sophisticated and powerful trading solution that can rival even the best traders in the world, but without all the complexity of traditional trading. The Bitcoin Profit solution is simple to use and has opened a whole new world of investment for every day, regular people that want a piece of the action. Bitcoin Profit has generated millions of dollars in profits for people all over the globe.

Now is your chance to give Bitcoin Profit a try for FREE!

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